By: Jonawhogood

Tags: rev PicoCTF-2022

Problem Description:

Do you seek your destiny in these deplorable dungeons? If so, you may want to look elsewhere. Many have gone before you and honestly, they've cleared out the place of all monsters, ne'erdowells, bandits and every other sort of evil foe. The dungeons themselves have seen better days too. There's a lot of missing floors and key passages blocked off. You'd have to be a real wizard to make any progress in this sorry excuse for a dungeon! Download the game. 'w', 'a', 's', 'd' moves your character and 'Q' quits. You'll need to improvise some wizardly abilities to find the flag in this dungeon crawl. '.' is floor, '#' are walls, '<' are stairs up to previous level, and '>' are stairs down to next level.


Reveal Hints Different tools are better at different things. Ghidra is awesome at static analysis, but radare2 is amazing at debugging. With the right focus and preparation, you can teleport to anywhere on the map.

Cheese Strat

When you open up the binary file using a text editor or strings the file, you will see that the map is stored there. After looking through the binary data through Ghidra, you notice that the map width is 100 characters long. Therefore, you just set your terminal or text editor to 100 characters long, and all of the ascii art is shown. Below is an example:

Photo of the map of the challenge

Flag: picoCTF{ur_4_w1z4rd_1496299E}